Thursday, September 6, 2012

{And then there were 7}

I'm a little slow to update but I'm sure you'll understand...

We would like to introduce you to Finley Reuben and Hudson Dirk

Because I don't have a lot of time, I'll keep it brief...

They are perfect in every way!

On Wednesday 1st August Dirk and I got up at 4.45am, woke the kids up, dropped the 2 older ones off at my friends as she was going to get them ready and take them to school for us, drove in the dark to Dirk's Mum & Dad's house dropped the 3 year old off and headed onto the hospital!

We arrived at 6.50am and I checked in, was sent to room 9 (the biggest room they had hee hee) where I got comfy in my bed and awaited the Doctor. He came in all confidant as they usually do, with his needles ready to set my IV up for fluids, and the cintocinin etc... I warned him, I warned him a LOT, that I don't have very good veins, but noooooo, as usual they don't listen and I was jabbed a total of 6 times! I wanted to cry, it hurt, and I wanted him to go away with his needles! 

(See I'm using nice words lol)

Eventually he got one in the bendy part of my arm which made it hard to bend my arm and I was not a happy camper! Next they broke my waters! That was a walk in the park compared to getting a needle in my veins! After that was the epidural! Now usually I try and do things myself but the condition on going for a Va-jay-jay birth was that I have an epi incase of an emergency C section, I was already prepped and ready to go! So I said ok fine ... Let just say I'de rather be in excruciating pain while getting an epi rather than sitting there waiting for it to happen!

 la la la la life goes on, well hours, I slept, I read my trashy magazines, I snuck food in my mouth when no one was watching, I slept again, I texted my bestie in the states... They checked me once, they checked me twice, then the doctor said I think this little one needs to turn his head, so Doc turned bubbies head and what do you know I was ready to push!

In came 500 people! No serious, that many people came in my delivery room! I should have charged admission! There were doctors, students, 2 teams of midwives for each baby station and I'm sure I saw the janitor there too !! 9 hours from established labour Finley, the littlest one was born first! Then 9 minutes later Hudson was born!

And we became a family of seven!

All the doctors and midwives were so impressed I was able to deliver them this way, with no complications, no stitches, no crazy woman screaming like in room 8 lol
All was well and we are one blessed family!


Daniela Dobson said...

Cute story!! They are adorable. So happy to see your little family grow over the years. How long have I known you now? Since before Camryn was born. I wish we lived closer.

Melany said...

I know Dan, I was thinking that the other week also, and yes before I had Camryn !! I feel like I have known you for ever lol I think you came across my blog once and commented on something I had made and I wrote back to you and we had started the 365 Life project thingy ?of Becky Higgins lol

If we lived closer hun, I would NEVER do any house work, I'de be playing designer with you all day long lol xxoo