This here is Dirk...

I think he's a spunk { I'm allowed, I'm his wife}

He owns his own business too and has 2 apprentices building house frames. He isn't a blogger... but he will give me plenty of photo's of him flexing his biceps to post just to show how "strong" he is lol

He is a GREAT husband {even if he does show me his biceps too much}

He works hard & long hours {and I appreaciate that}

He is a very patient father {thank goodness, cause I heard his wife isn't}

He is the most honest guy I know {believe me, he doesn't hold back. lol}

I love that he bought me a Nikon D5100 for Christmas {because he thought that would take the edge off telling me he bought himself a motorbike}

His wife hates motorbikes {but hey did she tell you she has a nice Nikon D5100}


I married him for all time and eternity {that's a long time you know}.

Lucky I love him :)

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