I'm Melany, and this here blog is about my crazy family. 

I've been married to a tall, dark & handsome guy now for almost 8 years. We have 3 pretty darn cute little girls who are full of personality and attitude! 
{I'm not sure where the attitude comes from, maybe their grandparents lol}

I am lucky enough to have my own business and work form home.  I have another blog where I share my creativeness. I'm also working towards an Arts degree through OUA. We have been renovating our first home for 3.5 years.


I go to church every Sunday {because I want to}

I sew until my fingers hurt {to my husbands disappointment, I will never run out of material}

I like to cook {when I'm in the mood}

I hate cleaning up {making a mess is far more fun}

I am trying to grow a vegetable garden {my garden looks sad}
Sometimes I feel tired {I should go to bed before midnight}

I love country music {and I sing in the car}

I'm not so good at cleaning my room {nothing ever changes... right mum?}

I love my family {and that's all that matters}.

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